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Product Code: VP4910

Comes with twelve clear
storage trays.
21″H x 33″W x 14″D
weight 26 lbs.

Mobile Audio/Visual Center

Product Code: VP4914

This multi-purpose storage
center is for a TV, stereo,
CD’s, record’s, tapes, or
almost anything.
35 1/2″H x 24″W x 15″D
weight 50 lbs.

Economy Two Shelf Storage

Product Code: VP6005

27″H x 36″W x 15″D
weight 44 lbs.

Mobile Multi-Purpose Storage

Product Code: VP6695

This specialty unit is:
36″H x 48″W x 15″D
weight 112 lbs.

(vp6695t) designates with trays.
weight 120 lbs.