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Paint Brush Stand

Product Code: VP129

Holds 24 brushes.
5″H x 8″W x 6″D
weight 2 lbs.

Marker Stand

Product Code: VP139

Holds 16 Crayola(tm) style markers
2″H x 11″W x 3″D
weight 3 lbs.

Scissor Rack

Product Code: VP149

Holds 30 pair.
6″H x 9″W x 11″D
weight 5 lbs.

Drying Rack

Product Code: VP217

Eight Strings and sixteen
plastic clips included.
36″H x 24″W x 24″D
weight 10 lbs.

Adjustable Double Sided Easel

Product Code: VP371

Height of tray and board is adjustable for artists of different sizes. Includes
plastic easel trays and clips.
46″H x 24″W
weight 24 lbs.

Available with different options!

(vp371) The hardboard easel
(vp371c) The chalkboard easel
(vp371w) The whiteboard easel

Mobile Art Cart

Product Code: VP4604

32″H x 26″W x 23″D
weight 30 lbs.

Mobile Two Station Art Center

Product Code: VP4902

Plastic easel trays &
clips included.
46″H x 25″W x 20″D
weight 60 lbs.

Four Station Mobile Art Center

Product Code: VP4904

Room for four creative students
with plastic easel trays and
clips included.
46″H x 50″W x 20″D
weight 120 lbs.